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Content Creation

Content is king

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but copy (text) is more important than you think.

Websites, brochures, rack cards and other promotional materials are all effective tools for expressing your brand, communicating your company’s mission and connecting with customers. And, it is important for these materials to make a positive first impression and enhance your company’s brand.


However, even a visually stunning website or a smart-looking brochure filled with professional-quality photographs will fall flat if the copy is filled with bad grammar and poor spelling or is bogged down with technical jargon.

Rather than turn customers off, copy should engage and inform the reader while reinforcing your company’s brand, before then moving the person to act.

A professional company needs to care about what it says as well as the way it looks. Copy gives a voice to your brand, and this tone should be consistent in the copy across all marketing platforms.

Whether you’re selling flowers or building houses, when explaining your business and/or products, well-written copy that draws people in is more effective than something bland or badly written.

Grand Splash Marketing provides copywriting services to create effective, custom content for all your digital or print marketing materials, including websites, promo pages, brochures, rack cards, press releases, news articles and features, as well as digital and print newsletters, scripts for videos and commercials, text messages and emails.

The professional writers at Grand Splash Marketing will help you define the audience you want to reach, focus the content on your audience and establish a call to action that moves them to act.

When writing content, the writers are mindful of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords that generate search engine rankings for your business.

Grand Splash Marketing can do more than just create the right look for your company. We will find the right words to reach your audience.